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Been in radio for over 11 years now. Born and raised in Chanute, KS but now live in Iola with my handsome husband and adorable son. My husband and I are brand new parents and if the labor didn’t kill me I am fairly sure the lack of sleep will. No Pets. I love: music, concerts, weird tv shows like Dexter & Mad Men and even more disturbing reality TV Shows like the Real Housewives and American Idol! I am also a major tabloid magazine junkie. I dislike: cooking, being put on the spot, waiting in lines, anything on the Syfy channel and anyone who wakes up my baby after just putting him down to sleep. One of the best concerts I’ve ever seen is KISS and one concert I would love to go to before they disband again is Aerosmith. Photographs were provided by S.C. Dixon Photography.

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